Item Specification
Motor - Brushless DC Motor (Apply to relevant countries )
- Rated power 250W, Replaceable bearing
Electronic Controller - Proportional speed control by accelerator dial (Off/0~Max)
- Slow start function to prevent sudden unintended start & efficiency of battery
- Power-off for a sudden brake & over load for safety
- Power-off at low power to protect battery

- PAS Type(Europe, others) / Throttle Type(USA, Korea)

Battery - Li-Ion : 14.8V / 20A (16.8V when fully charged)
- Charging/Discharging approx. 500 times
- A built-in PCM (Protection Circuit Module) & LED Checker
- Individual cell full charging system
Charger - Input : 100~240V, 50~60Hz
- Output : +16.8V, 2.5A
- Compliant to global safety standards
Product ability
PAS Type - Maximum speed : 25km/h
- Running time : Approx. more than 2 Hours (PAS)
- Distance : Approx. more than 50Km (PAS)
Throttle Type - Maximum speed : 30km/h (without pedaling)
- Running time : 1 Hour (without pedaling)
- Distance : 30Km (without pedaling)
Working on the wet road(option parts), Water resistance
※ May vary upon the type of bicycle, rider’s weight, road condition and wind speed
    (Conditions : Bike 10Kg, Adult 80Kg on the pavement, without wind)
Total Weight -2.6Kg (including battery)
※ Can be different according to mount and decelerator.
Etc. - Made in Korea or EU, Handmade products
- Possible to produce 8~13 Kg Electric Bikes when completed
  • Hidden Power Electronic Kit observes Electric Bicycle Safety Standard of validation of self-regulated safety subject of safety standard for industrial production from The Korean Agency for Technology and Standards (KATS)
  • This product is handmade and availability to change form and function for the convenience and safety of users without notice in advance. Any items needed must be purchased through HiddenPower Inc.
  • All products of their own design, product design are registered patent internationally. Any unauthorized use or copying of our design including any reproduction, distribution, display, or transmission of the contents of this product is strictly prohibited. It is HiddenPower's policy to strictly enforce our intellectual property rights against all infringements.