Gold Award Winner at the EuroBike 2010. Small in size, increased durability devoted to keep the bicycles primary function yet supporting it through electric power. Easy to remove! Easy maintenance!

Prominant performace with the lightest motor of 600g! Possible to use semi-permanently because of replaceable bearings. The sink with red-wind color to release heat from the motor makes your bicycle more luxurious and mordern.

Small & Light but High Efficient Battery that is designed for safety.
6 stages of LED display to easily check residual battery with very slim exterior!
Minimized the 2nd damage in case of fire by applying non-flammable plastic materials

Our batteries use Samsung SDI Lithium ION Cells, for highest quality and battery capacity

HiddenPower’s controller, a mobility device like a human brain, is invented by domestic genuine technology. There are sudden start protection, automatic power off from braking, high efficient electric power supply functions A high quality compact lightest kit.

The speed control is a dial system accelerator which is ideally and ergonomically used, using your ring or middle finger for control while you grip the handle. (Can be attached to almost any existing grip) Also the dial system enables you to cruise control of your bike.

HiddenPower even uses the thinnest and lightest wires to reduce the weight. The narrow cable consists of 300 thin wires which are customized for maximum flow of the current.

All main parts are processed from aluminium to achieve the highest
degree of precision and strength through an anodizing treatment*
300 parts are produced by finest craftsmanship to create a small
and strong e-bike kit with an ultimate experience.

* What is anodizing?
Anodizing is an electrolytic passivation process used
to increase the thickness of the natural oxide layer
on the surface of metal parts. The process is
called anodizing because the part to be
treated forms the anode
electrode of an electrical
circuit. Anodizing
increases corrosion
resistance and wear
resistance, and provides
better adhesion for paint
primers and glues than
bare metal for better
optic and quality.